Athletic Future is set out to change the mindset of youth sports. Today, youth sports is focused on playing too many games, is not developing the skills of young athletes, and creates an environment that puts today’s youth athlete at a higher risk of injury.

Our belief is that youth athletes should develop skills in their sport(s) of choice through rest, off season, and in season programming. Following this approach, we are able to develop athletes in a manner that strengthens their body, improves their skill, and reduces the risk of injury.

We provide a holistic approach to player development that establishes expectations, sets goals, and trains towards benchmarks while holding each individual athlete accountable for their progress.


  • 7,100 square feet with 4,800 sq. feet of infill turf to train in cleats or turf shoes
  • 2-70′ batting cages
  • Promax Fitness Equipment
  • Collegiate Size Pitching Mound with Full Length Bullpen
  • Exergenie Equipment
  • Crossover Symmetry
  • Khaos Training
  • Study Hall
  • Lounge for Parents
  • Plyo Wall
  • More on the Way