“The Athletic Future is positively changing the way we are looking at youth sports and development in the North Houston area. By applying the concepts of “practicing more and playing less”, Mr. Aaron Surber is providing an environment where young athletes are developing in manner where injuries are minimized and performance is maximized.

As a local sports orthopaedic surgeon, I unfortunately manage too many overuse injuries amongst our young athletes. Most of this season ending diagnoses can be avoided by proper education and training. 

At The Athletic Future, Mr. Surber has created an environment where athletes of all sports can learn the importance of proper stretching, conditioning, strengthening and speed and agility training. He also provides sports specific training from specialists her understand proper mechanics to ensure injuries are minimized.

It is very disappointing seeing skilled athletes sidelined from injuries that can be avoided. By applying the principles facilitated at The Athletic Future and understanding the importance of “practicing more and playing less”, more athletes will be able to stay injury free and achieve their maximum potential in their chosen sport.

I highly recommend The Athletic Future without reservation.”

Keith W.V. Johnson, MD, FAAOS
Board Certified & Sports Fellowship Trained in Orthopedic Surgery